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Jorge Navarro Colorado




    'The show is stolen by Jorge Navarro Colorado. The Spanish tenor has a sound that is never forced, agile coloratura and an easy high register. Without a doubt, he's the revelation of this recording and one to be watched.'

    "La campanada la da Jorge Navarro Colorado. El tenor español tiene un canto flexible, para nada duro, ágil en la coloratura y fácil en los agudos. Sin duda se trata del descubrimiento de la grabación y habrá que seguirle de cerca."

Raúl González Arévalo,
30 Nov 2017

'Gloriously heroic, with a bright timbre and vocal security'

Opera Oggi
Reviewing Il Ritorno d'Ulisse at Grand Théatre de Genève.
March 2023 

'Jorge Navarro Colorado’s arresting stage presence makes for a memorably striking Emilio, (...) such a magnificent general, blessed with a light, flexible and remarkably warm tenor.'

Charlotte Valori, Bachtrack
5 July 2018

'Sublime singing from Jorge Navarro Colorado's finely nuanced tenor'

Susan Nickolls, Opera Now
Reviewing La Griselda at La Fenice, Venice
May 2022

“Always a stylish singer Jorge Navarro Colorado combined a superb sense of Handel's music, and some brilliant yet apposite ornamentations with a dramatic intensity that bordered on the disturbing. Navarro Colorado crowned a stupendous performance with a death scene that dramatically seemed modern yet stayed musically within the 18th century conventions. A terrific achievement.”

Planet Hugill
October 2022

'Jorge Navarro Colorado stood out as Telemaco, with an undoubtedly great stage presence, and with high quality singing; magnificent.'

"Jorge Navarro Colorado destacó como Telemaco, con una presencia escénica innegable, y con una calidad canora de altos vuelos; magnífico."

'Jorge Navarro Colorado’s acting is superb, (...) and he does this all while singing beautifully.'

 Catriona Graham, The Opera Critic
November 2022

'Jorge Navarro Colorado’s voice possesses a pleasing timbre that he is able to employ intelligently and with versatility, which he displayed from the outset with a successful rendition of his opening aria “Se ria procella sorge dall’onda"'

Alan Nelson, OperaWire
Reviewing La Griselda at La Fenice, Venice
May 2022
Albert Garriga, Opera Actual
Reviewing Il Ritorno d'Ulisse at Grand Théatre de Genève.
March 2023 
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