Vivaldi: Griselda.
        Excerpt from the aria Se ria procella
        Recorded during rehearsals of Vivaldi's Griselda for Irish National Opera's 2019 production with the Irish Baroque Orchestra led by Peter Whelan.
        Photos from said production, directed by Tom Creed and designed by Katie Davenport.
Live video broadcast of recital with Olga Jegunova 24th January 2017
Handel: Lotario.
                                  Berengario's arias:
                                  0:05:33 Grave è il fasto di regnar
                                  0:11:01 Non pensi quell'altera 
                                  1:09:05 Son vinto/Regno e grandezza 
                                  1:59:57 D'instabile fortuna
                                  2:23:11 Vi sento, sí, vi sento 
Song Recital with Olga Jegunova.
        Various composers including Purcell, Schubert, Brahms, Fauré, Gounod, Tosti, Turina. 

Canciones españolas del Romanticismo. 

         Ricardo Gosalbo, piano